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With 25+ years of experience in business, marketing, brand strategy, and creative production, my suite of learning resources is custom-built for the modern workplace. My expertise in branding and marketing, combined with my commitment to excellence and efficiency, makes me the perfect mentor and advisor for individuals and organizations looking to unlock their full potential.

Practical short courses and digital downloads for immediate application.

Personalized one-on-one coaching to provide clear answers to your specific questions.

Exclusive access to connect with and learn from like-minded professionals.

Ongoing, customized consulting to meet your brand’s unique needs.

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Everett Bowes

PROFESSIONAL:  Hi! I’m Everett Bowes. I’m proud to be a Top Instructor on a number of mainstream teaching platforms, with over 105,000 students worldwide, and over 22,000 reviews (and counting)!

I have more than 25 years of experience as a leader in the fields of Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Marketing, Social Media, Business, Leadership, Communications, and more. This unique combination of professional experience helps me produce impactful, efficient learning modules and resources on a number of different topics.

TEACHING:  My teaching style is very conversational and approachable. I avoid using technical-jargon and buzzwords that make other teachers feel self-important while running the risk of confusing their students. I tend to speak relatively quickly, but that’s because I want to maximize the time my students are investing in their learning. I also like to use unique analogies, metaphors, and stories to underscore key learning points, and to help students recall and apply the learning to their everyday life.

PERSONAL:  When I’m not working I enjoy running, cooking, traveling with my family, and doing just about anything at the beach or at the ocean! I also like sports, reading, music, movies, and technology.
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Short-Courses for busy professionals.

Upskill without the downtime of traditional learning paths. Speed up your skill-up today.


What My Students Say

Concise, meaningful and applicable - GREAT CLASS!

Sorcha C.

Thank you for this class. The concepts you remind me of seem to be so small, but at the same time they are so important. THANKS!


I found the class very interesting and a lot of good tips to remember throughout life.

Faye B.

Very clear and interesting content. Very well structured and summarized. Straight to the point.

Francisco R.

Thank you for a most enlightening course.

Christine A.


Sruthy V.

Great information, very succinctly presented. Immediately useful. Appreciated how this was linked together into a concept.

Denise S.

Courses + Coaching

Fast-track your professional development with the All-Access Courses Plan + Personalized Coaching add-on.


Have a question about my courses? Take a look at the commonly asked questions below. If you don't see an answer to what you're wanting to know go to the contact page and send me a message!

My courses cover a variety of topics, but mostly focus on the following areas: business, marketing, brand strategy, leadership, and soft skills.

My courses are built for real life. Most people need to learn essential business skills but can’t afford to waste time, money, and effort on courses that are obsolete, not applicable, and don’t get to the point quickly. My courses are affordable, and optimized to teach transformational material as quickly as possible so students can make an impact immediately.

No, I don’t think American colleges are set up to optimize learning today. I feel that most professors are out of touch with current business needs and tools. I think text books are often outdated. Colleges do not maximize the students’ time or financial investment. With a minimum time investment of four years, and tens of thousands of dollars, colleges are an inefficient and expensive way to learn.

Simply sign up for a free or paid membership at everettbowes.com to join the community groups, download digital content, or enroll in a class. 

Currently costs vary, but my goal is to keep my learning resources as affordable to anyone as possible! Some courses are set up as a one-time-fee course, and others require a membership. Please reach out to me if you’re trying to set up a corporate membership, or if you have questions about pricing.

Please read each course description to gain a good understanding of the content in each course. Or, message me regarding what you’re looking for. I’ll point you to the right resources. If I don’t have what you’re looking for then maybe we can do a brief one-on-one where I can share tips or insight more directly with you.  Also, I have a satisfaction guarantee. So, if you buy a course but don’t feel it was applicable to you, I will issue you a refund.

Yes, I offer a lot of free content, including learning resources, digital downloads, worksheets, and more.  Please follow me on social media for additional free tips and advice.

Please look for the “Login” button in the top navigation bar on the website in order to find your learning resources.

Course durations vary, but my hope is to provide courses that can be consumed in less than 25 minutes. The average American’s commute is 25 minutes, and my goal is to create learning resources that can be consumed during that time. That’s why I say, “don’t GO to work… GROW to work”.

I don’t believe that scheduled courses are the best fit for most busy professionals. And I think we all prefer to “skip around” in the content of a course. So, even though I structure every class with a logical flow of information in mind, I allow all the course content to be consumed in any order that suits the individual learner the best.

Yes, your membership is the key to your learning resources. Not only can you regain access to the course material, but you also benefit from getting updates to the curriculum, and newly-released digital downloads for each of your course purchases.

The only prerequisite is a sincere willingness to learn, and a hunger for self-improvement.